General Questions

The fastest way to acquire information about our current positions is to use our vacancy catalog located on our website. It is updated daily and contains only the most called-for positions submitted by industry leading companies and international corporations. You can find out more information about them in our database.
If you are a registered user then you can add your data in our website.we can display it to your resume and in extra if you want to add a file (pdf,doc or jpg) as your resume you can easily attach in your biodata.When you apply for any post we send your complete biodata to the company.
In case our website is unavailable and you cannot access our database of employers and vacancies, contact our managers using our phone number. You can also visit our central office to fill out the registration form and publish your resume via our terminals. Our administrators will be glad to help you with any issue you may have.
To apply for any vacancy listed on Powerjob website, you must have a resume in a pdf,doc or jpg format with a valid e-mail address and mobile phone number. If you use any of the modern social networks, you can become our registered user in a few moments and easily contact the chosen employer or read vacancy details.